Deskworx recognizes that protecting the environment is in everyone’s best interest and is committed to doing its part in minimizing any negative impact the company has on the environment in our daily operations.

To achieve this goal, we have undertaken some initiatives that lessen our impact on our environment.

Deskworx Staff are aware of the environmental policies due to an ongoing review and establishment of the policy and its guidelines.

• An established environmental internal team that predicates any course of action taken to manage human activities with a view to preventing, reducing, and mitigating any harmful effects on the environment or on humans.

• Ensuring transport vehicles meet Green emission standards. This includes the two vehicles owned and operated by the company and any vehicles subcontracted for delivery.

• Ensuring all used machines and lubricants are diverted for recycling.

• Currently taking steps to replace lighting fixtures in the plant that will reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.

• Broken pallets are being sold to contractors who grind and recycle them.

• Paper products are used less and less with updated internal technology. Waste paper is diverted to recycling facilities local to the plant. One-sided print copy is re-used to print the other side.

• Our paint shop uses non-leaded powders, epoxies and hybrid coatings. In addition to the process being more
environmentally friendly, it has the additional benefit of being more durable and less susceptible to leeching and oxidization.

• The cleaning line uses alkaline cleaners along with a clean water usage system which disposes directly into the city sewer system. In addition, we have further reduced our reliance on synthetic lubricants and switched to more Earth- friendly greases and mineral oils.

• Eliminate or reduce to the maximum practical extent the release of contaminants into the environment through pollution prevention (material substitution and source reduction).

• Effectively communicate with facility employees, suppliers, regulators and customers as well as the surrounding community regarding EMS performance.


Deskworx policy is to conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting a good corporate neighbor and citizen. We are committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment through compliance to this policy and continual improvement.